Three divisions under the AXA umbrella merged to form the new ‘AXA Health’. I was briefed to help create and implement the internal launch campaign to celebrate this consolidation of divisions.
AXA Health was more than just a name change. It’s was a major milestone for them. They brought together the best of three brands, launching new products and repositioning themselves as a true health and wellbeing company. 
Our internal campaign was designed to encourage every person at AXA Health to think about the small changes they could make — the tiny switches that would make a difference to their work day, to their teams, to the products they offer and the customers they serve. If all their employees made a tiny change, it would add up to a huge shift for the company.
Launch Material

I designed much of the branded collateral which was used to launch and promote the campaign internally. This included notebooks, postcards and a deck of cards, used to stimulate employees with inspiring messages.
'Switch it' Stories

Following the campaign key visuals, we ran 'Switch it' stories, designed to inspire others within the AXA team. This focussed on real employees who had made small changes, showing what was possible.
Client: AXA Health 
Agency: MSL 
Year: 2020
Software: Photoshop / InDesign
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