During my time at Geometry Global one of my key roles was the creation and design of global campaigns for British American Tobacco’s new product launches.
To start, I'd come up with the ‘big idea’ for the campaign which highlighted its specific benefits. Based around this, I would go on to create the associated look and feel - starting with key visuals and then building a visual language around these. Crafting and handling complex but beautiful Photoshop visuals was the norm.
I would often lead campaigns from a creative point of view - briefing 3D visualisers for product shots to place into my visuals, copywriters and animators and editors. The campaigns encompassed everything from activation to how the ‘big idea’ will work across a range of touchpoints - from digital, POS, OOH to retail.

Deliverables often involved creating global guidelines that were distributed to end markets. These end markets used my visuals to implement marketing campaigns for their cities across the globe. 
I was involved in many brand and product films - either storyboarding, directing or editing them myself.
Glo Capsule 2.0

A packaging redesign of the original Glo Capsules led to the need for a visual rework. Through ‘shrink-wrapping’ the flavour, we brought a new and unexpected expression of flavour that captured the depth and richness of the neo capsule flavours.
Glo Sens Korea Launch Event 

I was part of a two-man team sent to Seoul by Geometry London to brand and activate the national launch event for Glo Sens. This [externally produced] video showcases the result of our three-week trip.
Kent D-Mix

D-Mix was a unique dual capsule product - I therefore crafted a look and feel around this distinguishing feature. 
Glo 2.0 Product Launch

I was asked to work on the Glo 2.0 product launch video. This involved working with a copywriter to storyboard the video and then working with an editor and animator to produce it.
Kent Double Capsule

The Double Capsule campaign look and feel was based upon bringing to life the flavour cues within the capsules. It was important to finesse the visual language so it could be used successfully in dark markets.
Glo Pro Product Launch

After the success of the Glo 2.0 launch video, I was asked to work with the same copywriter to storyboard the short launch film for their new product - the Glo Pro.
Kent 'Quietly Amplified' Campaign

I was briefed on an umbrella campaign that extended across Kent’s three main product lines which would hero their new technology that ensured a more pleasant aftertaste. Whilst the campaigns retained their own unique identity, this overarching look and feel gave them a unifying theme.
Kent Charged

The Kent Charged was launched in Japan containing an unparalleled product offering.
I crafted the visual identity which focussed on the smooth flavour cues it released.
Client: British American Tobacco
Agency: Geometry Global 
Year: 2016 - 2019
Software: Photoshop / Premiere Pro / After Effects
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