I was brought into my first in-house role to help guide Equals Money through developing and implementing their rebrand as a creative lead.
Equals had been established 12 years but had no brand presence - in or out of the banking sector. I joined when all architecture around building the brand was yet to be established, with my team taking the lead.
The bank was on a mission to create a world where managing money is as intuitive as simple addition, so I wanted to help craft a new brand positioning, tone of voice, and visual identity that visually supported their brand purpose. To do this, I was keen to build the brand using my integrated nature, to help Equals Money become a household name.

I headed up the design team which created a new design system, flexed across all aspects of the brand. We also established a fresh tone of voice, photography rules and overhauled the design of the cards. This culminated in crafting brand guidelines that summarised how to implement the new brand world.
Brand Development

I introduced a versatile design system across the brand. Based on a grid to ensure consistency,  we created a responsive logo that flexed depending on the space it was being used in, print ads that could adapt with a fluid layout and a card design which adjusted according to size (physical card vs when seen digitally).
Brand Guidelines

All of the new brand elements and systems we designed were distilled into a brand book.
Due to the fast-paced and ever changing nature of the banking world, this took the form of a digital document so the guidelines could be updated seamlessly.
Airspeeder Sponsorship

Equals partnered with Airspeeder, a company that was building the world's first piloted flying drone.
This sponsorship ensured Equals livery was seen across their racers. I worked closely with Airspeeder's Head of Design to produce how this branding would be brought to life across the racers and pilots uniform.
Partnership Promotional Film (produced by an external agency)
Client: Equals Money     •     ​​​​​​​Category: Fintech 
Agency: In-House 
Year: 2020
Software: Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign / Figma
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