I was asked to illustrate a range of characters for the launch of Exinity's trading based app platform.
Each character had to convey that the app was initiative and easy to use. I decided to do this by creating joyful poses and occasionally providing a prop (such as a scooter or skateboard) which gave the feeling that the app was so easy to use, it could be used by anyone, anywhere.

The illustrations were used for the onboarding section of the app. However, the style resonated so well with users, that I was asked to produce more illustrations which were also featured across the brand's assets such as web banners.
Colour Palette

I established a palette of colours which flexed across the illustrations to provide a kit of parts. Each illustration could be treated with different skin tones and hair colours to produce a completely different character.
Client: Exinity Group
Agency: Forecast Design 
Year: 2020
Software: Illustrator / Photoshop
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