B.A.T asked us to create an impactful campaign for a new product in an innovative market that had plateaued. The campaign needed to attract leading edge tobacco users into the tobacco-heated market by communicating premiumness and distinction.
The key visuals showcase the premium cues through attention to detail and hero the craftsmanship found in the device while the complementary nature of colours and lines make for a design ethos that results in a modern design language. This suggests the target audience are stylish and discerning individuals.
I designed the look and feel to maximise the level of desire and create an air of exclusivity around the limited edition device, producing lifestyle-based and product-based key visuals.

The result was a campaign with huge premium standout in a category where traditionally, robustness and functionality have been the core design factors.
Client: British American Tobacco
Agency: Geometry Global 
Year: 2018 
Software: Photoshop
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