I worked with 1HQ as the sole designer producing all the creative for their pitch to win the business for Mars' new range of healthy snacks.
With people becoming increasingly health-conscious but still wanting to enjoy their favourite treats, our challenge was to make it clear that this range was created from healthier ingredients, while not compromising the great taste they love.
To do this, our idea throughout the ‘Feelgoodness’ campaign was to focus on the ingredients and make them the real stars of each execution. We see them bursting from the pack and across the page in a dynamic explosion of colour and flavour. In further executions, they’re animated and used to perfectly capture the energy and excitement that all come together to create ‘Feelgoodness’.
I comped the entire visual campaign from stock assets (we didn't even have pack artwork), to produce a pitch winning campaign that resonated with the client. 
The 'Feelgoodness' platform

Roald Dahl created some truly fantastic words – scrumdiddlyumptious, uckyslush and whoppsy-whiffling. We recognised that unique words are great brand assets. Our language had to reflect the tone of voice that linked all three of the snacks featured - fun, playful, colourful, and humorous. With this in mind, we conjured up ‘Feelgoodness’ as our platform to have some fun and build our proposal around.
Consumers experience ‘Feedgoodness’ when they enjoy their favourite treats, discover that they taste as great as ever but are now healthier than ever before.  It’s fuelled by positivity, optimism and joy.

The campaign roundel needed to wrap up the product proposition (same great treats, same great taste, just healthier) in a lock-up that was simple, effective, and able to be immediately understood by shoppers. 
Selection of scamps
We initially decided to conjure up a rich and vibrant jungle setting in which the product lives, before committing to an island of 'Feelgoodness', seen in the final visuals.
Client: Mars Wrigley (Pitch)
Agency: 1HQ 
Year: 2021
Software: Photoshop
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