To celebrate the relaunch of the iconic Puma Suede trainers, Puma created 'Suede Music', a space to celebrate music, paying homage to Puma Suede’s long history of connecting music and culture.
A large part of Suede Music was the 'Suede Stage'. This was an interactive event due to the UK [Cornavirus] restrictions, featuring a line-up of the most in-demand names on the London music scene. I was part of the small creative team that were briefed to produce the identity for the Suede Stage event.

The event in mid-February 2021 was a fantastic success.
Thousands of people streamed the gig online through various media channels.
The Suede Music Platform

To give Suede Music a physical home, Puma took over a studio in Ladbroke Grove - London's 'heart of counter-culture'. The result was a music publishing platform — a space to celebrate music and establish emerging talent, create content and share stories. Rapper Ghetts was invited to record a track to launch the studio.
The Suede Stage

At the time of launch, Puma couldn't organise gigs with live audiences [due to the UK's Coronavirus lockdown]. 
Suede Music therefore hosted 'The Suede Stage'. This was an interactive event designed to debut new music via live performances that were streamed over social media.
Brand Elements

We decided to tie the branding of the event to the Puma suede shoe itself.
The suede texture was used throughout the branding, supported by stitching. 
Primary messaging was treated in a stitched look, complete with flourishes, such as the cotton fraying. 
A variety of textures and blending modes were used in tandem with the orange to create a vibrant look and feel.
Initial Stage Design

The Brixton Academy stage design used the vibrant oranges we created in the key visuals.
The Puma stripe was used as a focus for DJ stand, while props included record crates.
Social Assets

We also provided social assets to the artists to plug The Suede Stage in the run up the event.
This was aligned to the look and feel of the event branded comms.
Client: Puma     
Agency: MSL 
Year: 2020
Software: Photoshop
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