During my time at CHI & Partners, I worked solely on R.J Reynolds' brand; Vuse.
Vuse was the first vapour cigarette to market in the U.S and I joined the team just before its launch, so was involved at a pivotal point in the brand.
We caused disruption in the vapour category as we launched the product with a multi-channel approach, which was very rare for tobacco-based products in the U.S.
It was this multi-channel approach that started my journey to becoming an integrated designer - I worked on every part of the account. From storyboarding a flavour based television commercial, leaning on my Industrial Design degree to work on creating new products, working on the UI of their app to producing brand guidelines. 

At the time of release (2015), Vuse was the most popular e-cigarette in the U.S with a 33% market share.
Vuse was also the best selling e-cigarette device in convenience stores across the U.S.
'Awaken Your Senses' Commercial
New Product Development 

A large portion of my time working on Vuse was spent creating new products. My degree in Industrial Design proved useful as I worked with dedicated Product Designers to create new products which went in to testing. 
Brand Guidelines (a selection of spreads from the brand guidelines)
Connect App

We were briefed to design an app for Reynolds’ newly launched product – an updated version of their entry product, now containing bluetooth technology. The app was built from my visuals and was available to download eight months after receiving the brief.
'Port' Commercial Storyboarding

Reynolds briefed us to come up with concepts for a commercial featuring their next product; Vuse Port. Although this route didn't make it past consumer research, I storyboarded the concept for focus groups.
Promotion: Mobile Customer Engagement
Client: R.J. Reynolds 
Agency: CHI & Partners 
Year: 2013 - 2015 
Software: Photoshop / InDesign / Illustrator / Keynote / Sketch / Cinema 4D
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